At Sixsheet Singapore, we provide our customers with full control on customizing their own unique photo booth experience! From personalised props, backdrops or a unique watermark on your picture frames, our designers will craft a design specially tailored to your event!
Nothing is impossible; got a crazy idea you’d like to try for your next event? Talk to us about it and we will make your dream event a reality!

LCA - GIF Photobooth

Our animated LCA GIF photo booth. Guests will get to strike 3 different poses as our camera takes 3 string shots. These shots will then be stitched up to form a looping animated GIF. Guests can then print out a hard copy as well as email the softcopy of the GIF. So technically, our LCA GIF photo booth is both a Standard photo booth as well as a video photo booth! Two services for the price of one


Introducing the LCA Curve Photo Booth. A step higher from our LCA GIF Photo Booth, this service is designed to generate excitement onsite and also after the event when they share their unique experience on their social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. With 16 still pictures being taken in succession on our Curve device, our software will stitch the pictures up and turn it into a video where a ‘Matrix/3D effect’ is created.


Prefer something traditional and simple? No problem! Our Roving photographers will roam around your event whilst taking candid photos of your smiling guests and engaging them for group photos. Photos will then be transmitted through our cloud system and our printers on site will have your photos ready in just minutes!





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